Tetris ruined my life.

At a recent vintage moped gathering I had the chance to play some one on one fighting games, Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, you know the usual. Then out comes Tetris Attack. Having never played the game before I thought “Its like tetris with a new game mode”. Well guess what?  Hell no its not. Playing against some one who is practiced at the game makes the experience brutal. “What about the cute characters?” you ask.  The cute character are nothing but a skin to make this killer puzzle game more appealing to the masses. Next moped gathering I’m coming for you; I better get some practice in.

Earthbound EARTHBOUND!

Finally found a copy, and with the manual. Maybe I will actually finish it this time, maybe. But we all know I won’t. I always get to the big city and get stuck. The game is good, a lot of fun, and a has a quirky humor to it; but I don’t believe it deserves all the praise it gets.  And all of the ebay pricing is ridiculous, way out of wack. If anyone can explain why this is the “best game of all time” let me know in the comments below.

Is Vidscreen Victory Eluding You?

Everyone always asks me “How are you so good at Nintendo games?” and usually I tell them “You just have to hold the controller right.” but today I’m going to let out all the secrets.

Yes thats right How to Win at Nintendo Games #2 and #3. Filled with secret codes, training tips, expert tactics, secret passwords, and important updates!

Jeff Rovin punches you in the face with Nintendo game information. Make sure you have some water near by or risk choking on Nintendo game tactics.

How did I get so good at Super Mario Brothers?

Wah-bam! Super Mario 1, 2, & 3 instant wizard. There is no way Craig Hobbs will ever be able to be me in a speed run of Mario 2. You better be practicing Craig.